Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Sevco's Title Challenge Isn't Over... There Never Was One In The First Place

I hate writing about The Rangers! There, I've said it and it won't be mentioned again because there is nothing worse than having to listen to those patronizing fans and their delusions about it being all about them. What they don't seem to grasp is that for us Celtic fans, their current state is the most beautiful Karma ever imagined. Suffering through their domination in the 90's was enough to test any man's belief in the existence of God. True to form though, the big man finally turned up and showed the studs to that mob.... BIG TIME!!! Their demise was beautiful, and we will never tire of gloating at their downfall. Unfortunately those who aided and abetted the old club are still at large. Free to inflict more damage on the Scottish game than they already have. Thankfully there are already a number of good Celtic men who have dedicated their careers to exposing the cheating and corruption. These people are the real experts but what I want to talk about in this article is this "Going for 55" patter!

Craig Gordon: Number 1 or Number Up?

Craig Gordon seems to be the goalkeeping equivalent of marmite where the Celtic supporters are concerned doesn't he? Ask two fans their opinion on our number one and you're liable to get different answers ranging from "he's a liability" to "he's a great goalkeeper" There was a moment towards the end of the Betfred League Cup Final game on Sunday that totally epitomized the improvement in Gordon's game over the past few months. Aberdeen sent a ball towards the Celtic goal and as the last man he came rushing out to deal with it. Fans held their breath as he took possession with his feet and promptly dealt with it in a way that didn't cost us a goal or put us a man down. Evidence of improvement is nice to see but what about the long term? Is Craig Gordon the answer?

Monday, 28 November 2016

Brendan Vs The Celtic Board


This post may raise a few eyebrows and possibly offend fans who don't like to see negative stories about Celtic in any shape or form. Nonetheless it needs to be done and hopefully will be seen as constructive rather than destructive criticism.

Celtic Take A Sledgehammer To Their Hampden Hoodoo

What a way to land the 100th Trophy in our glorious unbroken history. Celtic put in a performance yesterday that had fans across the globe drooling in awe. Seriously this was a classy and dominant display from a team that is only 6 months in the making and the transformation from last season is even more astonishing when you consider only one of the starting eleven was a new signing. Hard to believe isn't it? Of the 11 heroes who brought home the league cup yesterday, only Moussa Dembele wasn't a part of the disastrous Deila debacle.