Monday, 17 April 2017

Johan Mjallby Wheeled Out To Use The "C" Word As Daily Record Agenda Continues

"Cheats Never Prosper"

It's the age old saying that should be rewritten immediately to read:

"Cheats Never Prosper... Except in Scottish Football"

Incompetent or Corrupt? - You Decide

I'm a little tardy in writing this article but the old saying of "better late than never" certainly applies in this case. Unfortunately it also seems to apply to certain officials who are quickly giving us the greatest conundrum in the history of great conundrums. Are Scottish Football Referees incompetent or simply corrupt? Yesterday's game at Dingwall between Ross County and Celtic served up plenty of room for discussion as referee Don Robertson left it late to help County salvage a point and almost scupper Scott Brown's chances of leading his troops out in a Hampden Semi-Final against Sevco.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Scottish Football's X-Files: The Truth Is Out There

One of my all time favourite shows is The X-Files. As a Celtic fan, blogger and keen follower of the strange goings on in the world of Scottish football, it is fascinating to spot the similarities between the conspiracy program and our national sport. Fox Mulder is the main character on X-Files. A truth seeker trying to expose a group of men who use the mainstream media as a tool to further their agenda and keep the unsuspecting public from hearing the facts. Sound familiar? It should because there are many Fox Mulders out there trying to expose similar things in Scotland.