Friday, 20 January 2017

The Downfall Of Celtic's Most Successful Failure - Part 2

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The 2015/16 season was shaping up to be a good one for Celtic. Ronny Deila was now well on his way to understanding the demands of being the boss at Scotland's biggest club and several players had been brought through the door to bolster the squad for the challenges ahead. Of the new acquisitions Dedryck Boyata was the name most fans were expecting big things from. The 25 year old Belgian had been signed from Manchester City for a cool 1.5m, sending expectation levels through the roof in the hope he could match the form shown by his countryman Jason Denayer the previous season. Nadir Ciftci on the other hand was more of a headscrather for the Parkhead faithful who were wondering quite why the boss was shelling out 1.5m on a Dundee Utd striker who hadn't shown the form nor ability required to make the grade. Even more bizarrely Nadir was signed with the intention of handing him the responsibility of being the main man. It seems more incredible now than it did back then but Ronny was actually hellbent on replacing Leigh Griffiths with the Turk. Of course everything is rosy with the benefit of hindsight but on this occasion it didn't take the fans, nor Ronny long to realise the idea was absolutely absurd.

The Downfall Of Celtic's Most Successful Failure - Part 1

Celtic Park

In May 2014 Neil Lennon stepped down as Celtic manager to pursue new challenges and his departure brought the curtain down on four years of highs, lows and death threats. Under Lennon's command the Hoops lifted the title for three consecutive years, starting Celtic's quest to beat the record of 9 championships in a row that was set by the Lisbon Lions and then emulated by Glasgow Rangers in the 90's. During his time at the club Celtic were ramping up their strategy of buying cheap and selling steep. Several up and coming talents like Victor Wanyama and Gary Hooper were signed and sold on for a tidy profit as the "strategy" began to pay dividends.During this time the club recorded one of the greatest results in their history with a remarkable 2-1 victory over Barcelona at Celtic Park. Unfortunately for Neil several players who wouldn't make the grade would also come through the door which when combined with the manager's unconvincing record in cups left a huge black mark against his name. What some fans at the time didn't know was that there may well have been other reasons Neil had tendered his resignation. Reasons that were linked to the "strategy" which would ultimately help to bring down the man who was chosen to replace him.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Stewart Gilmour's Hurt Is A Joy to Behold

The worst kept secret in Scottish Football is out! For the last five years fans have wondered just who really pulls the strings in the Scottish game and finally we have the answer. Step forward one Peter Lawell, Chief Executive of Celtic and all round scourge of the sevconian. Our very own Pedro has long been viewed with suspicion by the envious eyes of the sevvies and finally someone with a little bit of public standing has stepped forward to re-iterate what they have said all along. Hard to believe he's been caught isn't it? Pedro has been publicly revealed as the mastermind behind the whole crisis engulfing our game and we have to wonder whether this unmasking will deter his plans to conquer the world. Who is the brave soul who has put his head above the parapet to state this unspoken but sinister truth. None other than Stewart Gilmour of St.Mirren fame!

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

We Can't Wait To Get Going Again....God Bless You Brendan

There are many things to admire about Brendan Rodgers and what he has achieved in his short time at Celtic. After Ronny's spell in charge, the club went into the close season under a very dark cloud with plenty of regrets and much reflection needing done. Yes the league title had been secured but the Scottish Cup campaign saw us knocked out by the up and coming sevco. The only thing worse than a shootout defeat at the hands of the remnants of Rangers would be losing to the original incarnation. Fans were outraged and had little faith in the board to act in a manner that would see us strengthen our grip in Scotland as well as create some waves in Europe. Thankfully they came up trumps and the rest is history.

Some Celtic Fans Still Buy The Daily Record... Stop Right Now!

There are still Celtic fans who buy the Daily Record!! Shocking isn't it? Despite that simple fact being hard to believe I am pretty sure we all know a Celtic minded person who actually puts their hard earned into that rag of a newspaper. This author certainly does, It makes me sick to my stomach but that is the reality of the situation and it makes you wonder just how low "Scotland's Champion" will sink before some fans wake up and smell the coffee. Why help fund a newspaper which has such a deep rooted hatred of Celtic? It couldn't make any less sense if they were buying the official Rangers News magazine and mark my words the more desperate the hacks get, the worse the digs at Glasgow Celtic will become.

Kieran Tierney Rated at Only £10m... By Who?

Another day, another transfer rumour regarding one of our players hits the headlines and I for one am absolutely sick to the back teeth of it! According to several newspapers including the Daily Record, Kieran Tierney is a £10m transfer target for Manchester United and the Red Devils have been tracking the young fullback for sometime. Quite how they are managing to do this when KT has been injured for months is anyone's guess but the real issue here lies not with the chase but with the price itself. How can these journalists write such nonsense with a straight face. If Luke Shaw is worth £30m then what makes them believe that KT would be sold for a fraction of that amount? In fact who has decided on this figure?

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Brendan Rodgers To Hire An Authorized Lookalike?

There is a great scene from a season 13 episode of "The Simpsons" that our manager should take a look at. In "The Bart Wants What It Wants" Homer has taken Rainier Wolfecastle into Moe's Tavern to introduce him to the bar's regulars. Due to Rainier's star power the regulars go crazy and begin asking him all sorts of stupid questions.

Sevco Smearing Of Innocent Fans Becoming A Habit

BRAVO CELTIC! There is something beautiful about the club holding back £35,000 of ticket money to pay for the criminal damage caused by sevvies at Celtic Park . Anyone who saw pictures of the wrecked toilets would have been absolutely appalled at the actions of a group of fans who have become emboldened since the original club's demise in 2012. Honestly is it not enough they destroy Celtic property, but their own club actually doesn't stump up for the damage either! As far as I understand it there are certain agreements between Celtic and Rangers that state the away club must pay up for damage if it is caused by their own fans. Guess that died with the old Rangers eh?

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Celtic To Battle Rangers For Starlet

According to the latest transfer news emanating from those bastions of truth at the Daily Record, Glasgow Celtic and Sevco 5088 are set for a transfer tug of war to land 21 year old Falkirk midfielder Craig Sibbald. Aberdeen, Hearts and Nottingham Forest are also said to be looking at the player but apparently his favoured destination is Glasgow. Falkirk manager Peter Houston has allegedly offered Sibbald a new deal but the fact it remains unsigned and his contract runs out in the summer suggests he will be moving to pastures new for the 2017/18 season. 

Walter Smith's Sevco Love-In Shows Wacko Jacko Up For The Lickspittle He Is!!

Well lo and behold it's the return of Watty to the spotlight of Scottish Football, and as per usual where the cardigan is concerned it's all moans and groans that sevco aren't spending any money. Yes the Daily Record, continuing on from their slightly random "10 years on at Rangers" theme interviewed the ex Gers boss where he urges the new club to spend their way to oblivion... sort of. As funny as yesterday's Record piece was, it has now been covered in great detail by other bloggers. What I want to discuss today is the interview with Walter Smith that appeared in TODAY's Daily Record. Trust me it's an absolute shining example of everything associated with sevco: hypocrisy, ignorance of facts and downright lies. Wonder why the sevconians are taken for a ride by every smooth talking Larry Langley type? Look no further than this "Exclusive" interview.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Sevco Fans Taken For Mugs... AGAIN!

Seems you don't have to be much of a player to capture the attention of the Scottish media these days, not if your a Sevco target and certainly not if your attracting their attention by warming some other side's subs bench. Once upon a time our media dined out on stories of the moonbeam variety, the Gascoigne's, De Boers and Laudrup's all jetted in to sign for the now defunct club and helped them on their way to extinction with the laptop loyal turning a blind eye. Glasgow Rangers spent money like it was going out of fashion. 

Transfer Talk Reveals Premier League Delusion On A Grand Scale

What a laugh it has been over the past few days on social media. As soon as the Moussa Dembele story broke you could practically guarantee the usual suspects would be out in force and polishing the giant financial turd that is the English Premier League. For those not in the know, MD was the alleged subject of a 20m bid from West Ham, a strange one considering his true value which is at least double that if we are going by past deals down South. Despite some (alleged) Celtic fans urging the club to take the money and run, it became very clear that Peter Lawell and the rest of the Celtic board have no intention to sell... at least for now. So that was the story dead in the water and we will undoubtedly not see MD moving in this transfer window or possibly the next. What did give myself a laugh was the reaction to the transfer by West Ham fans which to put it mildy was absolute delusion bordering on lunacy.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Brendan Rodgers and The Difference That Two Make

How good is it being a Celtic fan at the moment? Absolutely incredible in my view and it's only going to get better as long as Brendan Rodgers sticks around. Glancing quickly at the league table shows the kind of impact the Northern Irishman has made and while it's tempting to talk about complete transformations, the reality is that Brendan hasn't really even started on his grand plan for the club. 19 points clear with a game in hand, our rivals skelped three times in consecutive matches and the first trophy polished and stuck away in the cabinet has given us all a warm glow, but we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that the biggest transformation has taken place in the attitude department.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Why Chris Sutton Has A Point About Celtic...

Chris Sutton has never been a man to mince his words when it comes to his own opinion, during his short time as a pundit the big Englishman has irked just about everyone with his no nonsense, cut to the chase style of punditry that is completely alien to the vast number of hacks masquerading as journalists in this country. Most of the vitriol aimed at Chris has come from the Sevco fans who are so used to binging on a diet of feelgood stories that they automatically see any truthful statement as an attack on their club. Chris, to his great credit does not allow the hate to cloud his judgement, nor does he suffer the same fate other less brave souls have by reverting to the powderpuff journalistic approach that helped consign original Rangers to the liquidation bin. Chris is a respected pundit and when he talks people listen. Let's hope the powers that be at Celtic Park have their ears pricked up where the big man's latest point is concerned. Chris wants Dermot Desmond and the Celtic board to go for the jugular and "finish Rangers forever"

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Celtic Gave Them Hope.... Then Ruthlessly Took It Away

"Their can be no true despair without hope"

Happy New Year Bhoys and Ghirls and if anyone is nursing a hangover today at least they are safe in the knowledge that all is right in the world again. Celtic met their newest rivals at Ibrox yesterday and what followed was a tremendous game of football that eventually saw the good guys come out on top with a 2-1 victory. Perhaps the most pleasing aspect of the scoreline was the manner in which it was achieved with Rangers actually going ahead, leading to their fans hopes rising faster than a mason ref up the Scottish football ranks. Just as all good stories do, it inevitably ended with the heroes coming back from the brink and successfully winning the day.