Friday, 30 December 2016

Celtic Fans Wary Of New Point Scoring Low

Has every Celtic supporter read the statement from Club 1872 yet? If not they should because the contents of their statement contain just a little hint of the agenda that has been set for tomorrow. To cut straight to the chase there will be a minutes silence before the game to remember the 66 fans who lost their lives in the Ibrox Disaster of 1971. Nothing wrong with that of course, and to make it as clear as possible, I have NO ISSUE with remembering the dead in whichever way people see fit. Unfortunately this is less to do with remembrance and more to do with point scoring.

Glasgow Celtic Used As A Shield For Sevco Failings

Mark Warburton has been given a platform to speak again and as usual when this happens his whining but arrogant persona comes shining through. Tomorrow will see Celtic travel to Ibrox to do battle with his galaxy of stars (from English lower leagues) and judging from his comments, Mark has decided that his Sevco side will get an absolute skelping. How do we know this? Well incredibly Mark Warburton has decided to finally admit that there is a gap between the two sides, some distance in fact when you look at his comments. Warburton had more to say and his words are astonishing when you look at them in context.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Dear Mr McLean, Thanks For Your Efforts.... Here's Your Reward!!

Words fail me.....Actually no they don't because this sort of stuff is as predictable as an episode of NCIS and although you fully expect it from the corrupt SFA, it doesn't make the pain any less profound when they inevitably show the studs to our beloved club! Just minutes after writing my previous blog HERE. I am now going to sound like a complete hypocrite but you know I actually don't care because this latest decision from the SFA sums up EXACTLY what it's like to be a Celtic fan in this wee backwater known as Scottish Football: Why am I so angry? Well the officials for the game against Sevco on Saturday have just been announced and the referee will be none other than Steven McLean!!! Oh it get's better because not only will Mr McLean be in the middle, his sidekick Frank Connor has also been selected to be his assistant!

No Celtic fan needs the backstory on these two clowns but here it is anyway: Two years ago both men were part of the Scottish Cup semi-final officiating team as Celtic battled with Inverness Caledonian Thistle for a place in the final. Celtic were leading 1-0 when Leigh Griffiths saw his netbound header punched off the line by Caley defender Josh Meekings. So blatant was this act that Stevie Wonder could have seen it down a coal mine, yet not one of the three officials that day managed to spot it! Just in case anyone accuses this author of re-writing history or indeed paranoia, let's have a look at the incident in question:

There is just no way those officials could have missed that blatant handball and what makes the decision worse is that Celtic went on to lose the game, ending their hopes of a treble under then manager Ronny Deila. The officials that day should have saw their careers come to an end amid a thorough, independent investigation into corrupt officials in the Scottish game... They didn't and indeed the SFA are giving the impression that they have been patiently waiting to hand this game to Mr McLean as a reward for his efforts. It absolutely reeks and once again Celtic we will be up against it as predicted in my previous article

This author fully expects that shower to get at least a penalty on Hogmany and if these two officials have a hand in anything sinister their names should be dragged through the mud. Of course they won't and should the pair make a healthy contribution to the Sevco cause they will most probably find themselves handed another big match as a reward for their stellar efforts. If this blog sounds over the top then I make no apologies because it is absolutely sickening to know just what kind of ambush lies in wait for the Bhoys at Ibrox.

Confidence in our players to get the job done is one thing, confidence in the officials to be straight down the line is another and you only need to look at past instances such as the Cadete offside or the Kirk Broadfoot dive to see why myself and other Celtic fans will be worried come Saturday. For now though the SFA have shown they have finally rewarded Mr McLean for that Scottish Cup semi-final. They thought we'd forgotten... we haven't!!!

Hail Hail

Whats your thoughts on this decision? Let us know in the comments.

Taking Care Of Business

In just 3 days time Celtic will travel to Ibrox Park for a Hogmany clash that promises to be an all-action derby against the spirit of their once feared rivals Glasgow Rangers. Of course with the club having the same (worse in some cases) fans it's only natural that we want to inflict as much damage on them as we possibly can to lay down a marker for 2017. Well for now it's time to put that game to the back of our minds because the mighty Celtic have some business to take care of first, a fact that seems to be overlooked by our friends in the media and some Celtic fans in general. 

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Good Laughs Come In Threes

Well Christmas is over for another year and as we head towards 2017 we are safe in the knowledge that we can always rely on the good ole Daily Record to constantly outdo themselves in the comedy stakes. Sometimes that paper resembles a struggling TV soap which in desperation for viewers and relevance churns out bigger and bigger action set pieces until it is so far removed from it's roots no one can take it seriously anymore. Perhaps that is the reason for these 3 Christmas crackers churned out by the Rancid Record over the past few days. Prepare yourself because these are absolutely mind bending in their logic.

Rob Kiernan To Fulham:

Today, the Rancid Record has a page entitled "Transfer News Live" Goodness know's why they didn't just name it "Made Up Bull" and be done with it. One of the main stories on this page concerns the Rangers defender Rob Kiernan, a man who was dubbed Champions League Class by a clearly unstable Davie Weir just a few weeks back. Apparently this "Champions League class" centre back is being targeted by English Championship side Fulham. Quite how this tallies up with Weir's claim is anyone's guess. Hold the laughs for now though because their not done yet, oh no! Not only are the cottagers desperate for Rob to put pen to paper, they are willing to fork out 2m for the privilege. Hmm somehow this one doesn't seem too likely

Odds Of Happening: About the same as Dave King inviting Mike Ashley for Christmas Dinner....

Rangers Lower League Stint Saved Clubs From The Brink:

Been a while since we heard this one trotted out isn't it? For years we have heard how Sevco are the saviors of Scottish football and once again the Rancid Record permits the bold Stuart McCall to peddle the widely debunked myth. Stuart also talks about Rangers being "punished" and informs us that the Bradford rugby team are in administration and people are attempting to save them. Goodness know's what they need saving from because the laws of going out of business don't seem to exist to these people... or is that just for Rangers? How many times does it need stated that the only club on the brink of financial Armageddon are the pretenders currently playing at Ibrox. Treat this rubbish with the contempt it deserves.

Odds Of Being True: About the same as a Level 5 PR statement....

Celtic Move For Darlington Nagbe Falls Apart:

Celtic's move for the 10 ten times capped American midfielder is OFF and while every other source confirms that Celtic pulled the plug, the Rancid Record has done some extensive investigating to get to the bottom of the story and exclusively learned that it was Portland Timbers who cancelled the deal. How did they acquire this information? By way of someone's tweet. Just how do these Record reporters do it. Surely there must be a future winner of the TRACE prize for investigative reporting in amongst that mob? 

Odds Of The Record Lying: Do we even need to answer this one?

Hope everyone had a merry Christmas and is looking forward to a Happy New Year.

Hail Hail

Friday, 23 December 2016

Andy Halliday Keeps The Sevco Comedy Show On The Road

Their at it again folks... Everyone's favourite comedy has come up trumps, this time with an absolutely fantastic article courtesy of the Daily Rancid in which Andy Halliday, Sevco's very own Mr Rangers tells the world:

Heading For The Nearest Exit

When January 1st 2017 lands upon us it will mark the opening of the transfer window and by default, only Brendan Rodgers second since he took charge of Glasgow Celtic. Naturally all eyes are on who the manager will be bringing in to the club rather than out, yet part and parcel of BR's job will be to  clear out some of the players that he just doesn't think have a future in the EastEnd of Glasgow. Bearing this in mind let's take a look at five players that will almost certainly be moving on in January or in the summer.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Memories Of A Very Different Era...

Super Celtic moved 14 points clear at the top of the Premiership last night after a wonderful Scott Sinclair strike sank Partick Thistle at Celtic Park. After the match there was much talk about our recent performances and some fans are unhappy at what is undoubtedly a dip in quality. Of course everyone has their own opinion and they are entitled to voice it but it got me thinking about days gone by and times when winning 1-0 at home was classed as a good result. Before I knew where I was the dreaded period from the 90's was fresh in my mind.  For a nice change of pace today, I'd like to tell a story from that era and maybe make my point about appreciating wins when they come. Days when you were so depressed at our rivals domination you could barely face the world around you. I'm talking of course, about the dreaded 9 in a row days...

Monday, 19 December 2016

Two Departures... Two Very Different Outcomes

They say you don't know what you have until it's gone. However in the case of Kris Commons, the Celtic fans knew exactly what they had and just what a massive contribution he made during his time at the club, Such was his impact that the player's loan deal to Hibs was met with a sense of sadness that reverberated throughout the vast majority of the Celtic family. Even Lisa Hague, wife of Kris and herself a worthy inductee into the Celtic family wrote a heartfelt tribute to the club that she and her husband have taken to their hearts. This is what happens when players of a significant stature look set to depart a team where the fans have put them on a pedestal. Players come and go but the club goes on and even losing the likes of Henrik Larsson has not prevented Celtic Football Club from continuing to exist. Just as there are players whom the support will mourn, there are also players whose exit would barely muster a response. Yet paradoxically, there is a man at Celtic Park whose impending departure may actually be more of a talking point than Kris Commons.. We are of course talking about Efe Ambrose.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Forget All About Our Transfer Targets....... Let's Sign This Guy Instead!

How many players have Celtic been linked with this season? From McCarthy to Snodgrass and Flores to Mutch, many names have been mooted as potential targets and with Brendan Rodgers calling the shots completely at Celtic Park we can guarantee that whoever does come in will be someone our manager actually wants. Celtic will have scouts all over Europe keeping tabs on the best players available and every one will be brought in with the intent of making the team more competitive in the Champions League. However what if we are being too broad in our searches? Supposing there was a guy playing in Scotland right now we that could potentially lure with the promise of Champions League football? Who am I talking about?...... the wonderful Rob Kiernan of course.

Moussa Dembele Proves His Celtic Decision Was The RIGHT One

Well done Moussa Dembele! Celtic's high flying young striker has just been crowned the French Under 21 Player of the Year and the win will only add to the young striker's reputation as one of the hottest property's in Europe. Remarkably he has beaten off competition from Anthony Martial and Kinglsey Coman who represent Manchester United and Bayern Munich respectively. However the fact that both play in better leagues has raised some interesting questions about just what coming to Scotland actually means for an ambitious player who has the world at his feet.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Sevco's Ramblings Mean Hogmany Can't Come Quick Enough

Is there something in the water down Ibrox way at the moment? I only ask because the last few days have seen some unparalleled levels of absolute nonsense emanate from that direction and you have to wonder if the three involved are giving each other a wink and a nudge everytime one trumps the other for sheer idiocy. Seriously as hard as it is to believe, the comments in the past few days may be the pinnacle of Sevco buffoonery and dare I say that our three subjects have actually managed to make Derek Johnstone look intelligent and informed. Where have we seen this movie before? Hmmm how about everytime we are due to play them? If you've not heard the comments from Kris Boyd, Mark Warburton and Le Hodson then prepare yourself for an early Christmas gift of some classic Sevco delusion wrapped up in a neat little bow.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Incompetent SFA Are A Bad Joke!.... Something Must Be Done!

Their going to do it aren't they? Not content with running our game into the ground, the complete and utter bumbling buffoons at the SFA are all set to appoint Malky Mackay as the SFA Sporting Director. Seriously have this cabal of crooked jokers no shame? In case they have forgotten this is the very same Malky Mackay who is a racist? You heard it right, the man is a racist pure and simple! This decision by the so called leaders of our game makes them seem so out of touch they probably all gather to watch old episodes of "Love Thy Neighbour" when on their lunch break. Assuming of course that they do any work at all!

If It's Goodbye Kris..... We Wish You All The Best

Kris Commons is on the road out of Celtic and set to join up with his old boss Neil Lennon at Scottish Championship side Hibs. If rumours from the media are to be believed (I know I know) the man described as Celtic's talisman will be on his way in January and fans are wondering if they will get to say farewell to a man who has given some of his best years to the club.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Celtic Prove Some Things Never Change

Well it wasn't pretty but we got there. Celtic recorded a 1-0 victory over Hamilton at Celtic Park and made it a spectacular 14th victory from 15 consecutive matches. Brendan Rodgers continues to wave his magic wand and the clubs currently behind us will be wondering just how this formidable Celtic team are going to slip up... if we ever do. Of course we don't mind that the chasing pack see us as invincibles, in fact we welcome the chase and anyone in any doubt that this side are capable of doing the nitty gritty and grinding out a result would do well to take a look at the 90 minutes of action that was played tonight.

Other Teams Won't Do The Dirty Work.... It's Upto Celtic

They say statistics can be used to prove anything. You don't have to take my word for it because right now a certain club is proving that fact beyond doubt. Sevco Rangers are currently on an unbeaten home run that stretches back fifteen months, An impressive stat until you take a closer examination and realise that only five of those months were spent playing against regular Premiership opponents. Now Sevco are not beyond shamelessly taking credit for something that is expected of them, after all who can forget the wild celebrations which followed their winning of the Scottish third and second division against part time teams. However wearing this unbeaten home record as a badge of honour goes way beyond that and starts to look like a team and support who are kidding themselves on as to how good this Sevco side really are.

Monday, 12 December 2016

A Tribute To Stuart Armstrong

There are certain rules a Celtic fan should never break but a lot of us are guilty of doing it every so often. One of these golden rules is never slagging off those who turn out in the green and white hoops and most fans stick to this unwritten rule without question. Unfortunately when players are underperforming  it is necessary to discuss what can be done in that situation. Yes we know they are trying their best but insisting players are bulletproof to critiscism is the Sevco way and doesn't help anybody in the long run. Recently I wrote a piece on Craig Gordon and questioned whether he was the best we could do in Goalkeeping terms and the article didn't sit too well with some people. Fair enough but there is no doubting that a massive question mark remains over our goalkeeper and to pretend otherwise is to bury our heads in the sand. If you would like to read the article then click HERE. There was however, also a second article of my own which details a certain player who in my view wasn't fit to wear the hoops. Thankfully I have called this completely wrong and I am 100% glad that I did. Who was the man I didn't rate highly enough? Step forward Mr Stuart Armstrong!

SMSM Top Team - A Celtic Parody

The Rangers are coming.... Celtic had better get used to it! Future Rangers and Brazil captain Barry McKay has fired a warning to his side's title rivals and roared "The stadium's no fawin doon" Such was the ferocity in the wonderkid's voice, it could have been mistaken for the magnificent Walter Smith himself. Barry's words come on the back of two convincing wins against the cream of the Premiership crop and the future looks bright and orange for the Govan side.. Rivals Celtic are currently languishing in first place and are a mere 8 points clear but that hasn't stopped their fans dreaming of a sixth tainted title. Can Celtic recover to win the league? Here's our top team with their views.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Celtic To Battle Full Force Of The Establishment......

December 31st 2016 will see Celtic clash with newco Rangers at Ibrox for the first time and quite simply the stakes couldn't be higher for our grand team. Anyone doubting just how hard this game will be needs to take a reality check and look not at that absolute sham of a Rangers team but instead at the external pieces who will be doing all in their power to derail our season. It's open season on Celtic for our media and has been for some time. While older fans may state it has always been the case, Sevco's perilous state means there is a degree of desperation about Sevco's allies and on Hogmany, when Celtic's players walk into that crumbling cauldron of bigotry and hate they need to be ready.. do the fans and our club in general.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Generous Hoops Fan Feeds Hungry Horse

Celtic fans are known for their generous and giving nature the world over but this latest act of kindness will have you reaching for the tissue box. A hoops daft fan was in the city to watch his side take on Manchester City when he encountered a starving police horse. Luckily the Celtic supporter came to the horse's rescue by giving away his only cheeseburger to the distressed animal. The horse who cannot be named for legal reasons, was said to be "Hank Marvin" and fury erupted within animal rights groups when it transpired that the poor thing had been put on shift without any DINNER!

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Laugh All You Want About Our Euro Campaign.... Brendan's Just Getting Started!

Our Champions League campaign is over for another year and as usual it seems to be giving the zombies a right good laugh. Call me old fashioned but when your in the state Sevco are it seems a bit rich to be mocking another team's performance. Particularly when those performances have came in a competition where one of your group rivals has spent over 100 million this summer alone. Manchester City will welcome the hoops tonight at the Etihad Stadium and no one is denying Celtic will really be up against it. What really irks the Celtic support though is this notion that our side are somehow an embarrassment to Scottish Football. 

Monday, 5 December 2016

Celtic Hold All The Cards As Pack Chase Our Star Man

Another day, another Dembele out the door rumour makes it's way onto the back pages. How tiresome is it to read what is essentially the same story every day of the week? Seriously it's like groundhog day SMSM style in Scottish football right now and our star striker seems to be slap bang in the centre of a transfer tug of war between more teams than a football manager database. Are the rumours all they seem though? For instance the tone of these articles makes it seem like Dembele is already a goner and Celtic staff are sobbing helplessly in the background waiting on his inevitable departure, despite the player himself indicating he wants to stay. Why should we be resigned to losing him so early in his Celtic career?

Sevco Sycophants Show Signs Of A Wider Issue

It's not the lie that bothers  us, it's the insult to the intelligence we find offensive

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Sky's Disgusting Contempt For Celtic & Scottish Football Is Beyond A Joke!

Yesterday was a day when you would have been hard pressed to find a Celtic fan without a big smile on his fizzer after Celtic's dramatic 4-3 victory over Motherwell at Fir Park. Twitter was awash with comments but one of them stood out more than the rest and it came from YouTuber @MarleyThirteen who rightly had something to say about Sky and their coverage of the game in Scotland:

Saturday, 3 December 2016

The Good Guide To A Career In The Scottish Mainstream Media

Everyone loves the Scottish mainstream media don't they? When it comes to laughs this mob are almost beyond parody and sometimes the guff they write can really make your day. Fancy giving yourself a laugh? Check out Barry Ferguson's Old Firm Select in the Rancid Record from a few months back. Barry has a place for James Tavernier, Niko Kranjcar and most hilariously of all Joey Barton. Ex Gers captain Barry also omits Moussa Dembele, giving us a glimpse of what the Clyde fans have to suffer whenever this clown picks a team. Barry is one of the more famous recipients of the blue pound and a grateful one at that. Unfortunately the media are not above employing people who have no love for Sevco, and these desperados acceptance of the blue pound makes them appear to have the morals of a Westminster politician. Fancy a job? Let's take a look at five necessities for anyone entering the realms of the alternate dimension known as the Scottish Mainstream Media. As told by the SMSM themselves.

Celtic Please The Neutrals, Sicken The Sevconians And Disappoint The Hacks!

What a game! What a team! What a manager! What a day!! Celtic travelled to Motherwell with high hopes of maintaining their unbeaten league record and found themselves 2-0 down to Mark McGhee's spirited side before the ref could blow the half time whistle. Neutrals smirked, Sevconians suddenly only had one free hand and the twisted hacks who populate the SMSM were demanding the graphic of a broken Celtic crest for their next article. Even some Celtic fans resigned themselves to the unbeaten run coming to an end. After all you can't win them all can you?

Friday, 2 December 2016

Celtic Accused Of Arrogance By Er..... ??????

Oh how predictable the Scottish sports media are when it comes to our great club. Today the Daily Record ran their most ridiculous headline of the week and for a paper that excels at churning out utter guff that is quite an achievement.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Sevco's Title Challenge Isn't Over... There Never Was One In The First Place

I hate writing about The Rangers! There, I've said it and it won't be mentioned again because there is nothing worse than having to listen to those patronizing fans and their delusions about it being all about them. What they don't seem to grasp is that for us Celtic fans, their current state is the most beautiful Karma ever imagined. Suffering through their domination in the 90's was enough to test any man's belief in the existence of God. True to form though, the big man finally turned up and showed the studs to that mob.... BIG TIME!!! Their demise was beautiful, and we will never tire of gloating at their downfall. Unfortunately those who aided and abetted the old club are still at large. Free to inflict more damage on the Scottish game than they already have. Thankfully there are already a number of good Celtic men who have dedicated their careers to exposing the cheating and corruption. These people are the real experts but what I want to talk about in this article is this "Going for 55" patter!

Craig Gordon: Number 1 or Number Up?

Craig Gordon seems to be the goalkeeping equivalent of marmite where the Celtic supporters are concerned doesn't he? Ask two fans their opinion on our number one and you're liable to get different answers ranging from "he's a liability" to "he's a great goalkeeper" There was a moment towards the end of the Betfred League Cup Final game on Sunday that totally epitomized the improvement in Gordon's game over the past few months. Aberdeen sent a ball towards the Celtic goal and as the last man he came rushing out to deal with it. Fans held their breath as he took possession with his feet and promptly dealt with it in a way that didn't cost us a goal or put us a man down. Evidence of improvement is nice to see but what about the long term? Is Craig Gordon the answer?

Monday, 28 November 2016

Brendan Vs The Celtic Board


This post may raise a few eyebrows and possibly offend fans who don't like to see negative stories about Celtic in any shape or form. Nonetheless it needs to be done and hopefully will be seen as constructive rather than destructive criticism.

Celtic Take A Sledgehammer To Their Hampden Hoodoo

What a way to land the 100th Trophy in our glorious unbroken history. Celtic put in a performance yesterday that had fans across the globe drooling in awe. Seriously this was a classy and dominant display from a team that is only 6 months in the making and the transformation from last season is even more astonishing when you consider only one of the starting eleven was a new signing. Hard to believe isn't it? Of the 11 heroes who brought home the league cup yesterday, only Moussa Dembele wasn't a part of the disastrous Deila debacle.