Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Other Teams Won't Do The Dirty Work.... It's Upto Celtic

They say statistics can be used to prove anything. You don't have to take my word for it because right now a certain club is proving that fact beyond doubt. Sevco Rangers are currently on an unbeaten home run that stretches back fifteen months, An impressive stat until you take a closer examination and realise that only five of those months were spent playing against regular Premiership opponents. Now Sevco are not beyond shamelessly taking credit for something that is expected of them, after all who can forget the wild celebrations which followed their winning of the Scottish third and second division against part time teams. However wearing this unbeaten home record as a badge of honour goes way beyond that and starts to look like a team and support who are kidding themselves on as to how good this Sevco side really are.

Quite frankly certain teams ought to be ashamed that Sevco is currently looking down at them from second spot in the table. First up are Hearts who have recently changed manager but have spent most of the season in stop start mode under the recently departed Robbie Neilson  Two seasons ago Hearts stormed to the Scottish Championship title ahead of Rangers and yet now find themselves trailing them by four points in the above division. Strange isn't it? Hearts fans are not questioning how this has happened and the cynic in me suggests they had run out of steam under Robbie. Perhaps Ian Cathro's appointment will jump start their season and bring a bit of consistency to the Tynecastle outfit. Unfortunately Hearts aren't the only side who should be taking a long hard look at themselves.

Aberdeen are a Scottish institution and whether we like to admit it or not, one of the biggest clubs in Scotland. Outside of Celtic they have the best squad in the Scottish Premiership but are sadly weighed down by a manager so inept I'm surprised he has the sheer stones to turn up and take training every day. Derek McInnes has taken the Dons to a place that will be difficult to come back from. What started with a tremendous league cup win has now dissolved into the very definition of stagnation, and Derek's negative tactics are the reason behind it. Guys like Johnny Hayes, Niall McGinn, Peter Pawlett and Adam Rooney are prisoners, hopelessly shackled to a formation and style of play that even Walter Smith would class as defensive. Decent managers would be letting players like this off the leash. Derek barely wants them out their own half. Things are about to get a whole lot worse at Aberdeen unless he is removed and replaced with a manager of some tactical nous.

Neither Aberdeen or Hearts are capable of finishing second on current form. That brings us nicely to the point where we get back to Sevco's unbeaten record at home because neither have the guts to travel to Ibrox and win either. Whether it's a combination of bad tactics, attitudes or the big crowd baying for their blood, they simply cannot be relied upon to end this run Sevco are on. None of them seem interested in doing it and as usual when no one else can be bothered it will be left to the biggest club in Scotland to put Newco in their place and stop their deluded fans and players raving about a record that isn't even that impressive. 

When Celtic travel to Ibrox on Hogmany they will do so with the intent of blasting this unbeaten record to smithereens. Hopefully they will do it because the big talk has started already. Before the first Old Firm game we heard from their players how they would turn up and put us in our place. What happened there again? Silence was golden until the teams were drawn in the Betfred League Cup Semi-Final and once again Sevco and their players started banging on about teaching us a lesson. They didn't and of course the silence that followed has been punctured by Kenny Miller telling us they are ready to end our unbeaten run. Sevco are like the wee mouthy guy at school who would get a back hander when he was cheeky. It worked... for a while then it would start up again and you had to remind him who was boss. Hopefully on Hogmany we will go out and do what the rest of the Scottish Premiership doesn't seem able to.

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