Monday, 17 April 2017

Johan Mjallby Wheeled Out To Use The "C" Word As Daily Record Agenda Continues

"Cheats Never Prosper"

It's the age old saying that should be rewritten immediately to read:

"Cheats Never Prosper... Except in Scottish Football"

Incompetent or Corrupt? - You Decide

I'm a little tardy in writing this article but the old saying of "better late than never" certainly applies in this case. Unfortunately it also seems to apply to certain officials who are quickly giving us the greatest conundrum in the history of great conundrums. Are Scottish Football Referees incompetent or simply corrupt? Yesterday's game at Dingwall between Ross County and Celtic served up plenty of room for discussion as referee Don Robertson left it late to help County salvage a point and almost scupper Scott Brown's chances of leading his troops out in a Hampden Semi-Final against Sevco.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Scottish Football's X-Files: The Truth Is Out There

One of my all time favourite shows is The X-Files. As a Celtic fan, blogger and keen follower of the strange goings on in the world of Scottish football, it is fascinating to spot the similarities between the conspiracy program and our national sport. Fox Mulder is the main character on X-Files. A truth seeker trying to expose a group of men who use the mainstream media as a tool to further their agenda and keep the unsuspecting public from hearing the facts. Sound familiar? It should because there are many Fox Mulders out there trying to expose similar things in Scotland.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Celtic & Death of a Zombie Club

Everyone knows the only way to kill a zombie is with a head-shot. What many people don't know is that it's a little more difficult to kill a zombie club. While Rangers shuffled off this mortal coil in 2012 they have been replaced by Sevco - who can only be described as a rotting mess that just doesn't want to die. There have been many predictions that sevco are about to meet their maker. Unfortunately we are yet to be treated to such a glorious day and as the clock ticks down to another clash between us and THEM, we should probably be thankful that is the case.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Scottish Football's Image Has Been Damaged By Jealousy Of Glasgow Celtic

How many of us regard Scottish football as a barren wasteland of zero talent, two bob clubs and a hindrance to leagues like the EPL who supposedly bring us top quality football? I only ask because lately there seems to be more and more people subscribing to that theory and unfortunately for our game it is being perpetuated by those who should know better, Don't get me wrong, running down Scottish football is nothing new but since the arrival of new Rangers into the Premier League there seems to be an orchestrated effort to ramp up the negativity. It's not hard to work out why. The aforementioned agenda actually has hee haw to do with Scottish football and everything do with a rampant Celtic tearing every team in Scotland a new one on their way to another title. Put simply there are those who do not like it and are miffed at the fact that a certain club is not "back where we belong" As we comprehend this line of thinking it is worth remembering these wise words.

Friday, 20 January 2017

The Downfall Of Celtic's Most Successful Failure - Part 2

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The 2015/16 season was shaping up to be a good one for Celtic. Ronny Deila was now well on his way to understanding the demands of being the boss at Scotland's biggest club and several players had been brought through the door to bolster the squad for the challenges ahead. Of the new acquisitions Dedryck Boyata was the name most fans were expecting big things from. The 25 year old Belgian had been signed from Manchester City for a cool 1.5m, sending expectation levels through the roof in the hope he could match the form shown by his countryman Jason Denayer the previous season. Nadir Ciftci on the other hand was more of a headscrather for the Parkhead faithful who were wondering quite why the boss was shelling out 1.5m on a Dundee Utd striker who hadn't shown the form nor ability required to make the grade. Even more bizarrely Nadir was signed with the intention of handing him the responsibility of being the main man. It seems more incredible now than it did back then but Ronny was actually hellbent on replacing Leigh Griffiths with the Turk. Of course everything is rosy with the benefit of hindsight but on this occasion it didn't take the fans, nor Ronny long to realise the idea was absolutely absurd.

The Downfall Of Celtic's Most Successful Failure - Part 1

Celtic Park

In May 2014 Neil Lennon stepped down as Celtic manager to pursue new challenges and his departure brought the curtain down on four years of highs, lows and death threats. Under Lennon's command the Hoops lifted the title for three consecutive years, starting Celtic's quest to beat the record of 9 championships in a row that was set by the Lisbon Lions and then emulated by Glasgow Rangers in the 90's. During his time at the club Celtic were ramping up their strategy of buying cheap and selling steep. Several up and coming talents like Victor Wanyama and Gary Hooper were signed and sold on for a tidy profit as the "strategy" began to pay dividends.During this time the club recorded one of the greatest results in their history with a remarkable 2-1 victory over Barcelona at Celtic Park. Unfortunately for Neil several players who wouldn't make the grade would also come through the door which when combined with the manager's unconvincing record in cups left a huge black mark against his name. What some fans at the time didn't know was that there may well have been other reasons Neil had tendered his resignation. Reasons that were linked to the "strategy" which would ultimately help to bring down the man who was chosen to replace him.