Monday, 17 April 2017

Johan Mjallby Wheeled Out To Use The "C" Word As Daily Record Agenda Continues

"Cheats Never Prosper"

It's the age old saying that should be rewritten immediately to read:

"Cheats Never Prosper... Except in Scottish Football"

You can always rely on the good ole Daily Rancid to help sweep corruption under the carpet can't you? As soon as the SFA's dirty little secret was exposed at Dingwall yesterday, "Scotland's Champion" has been busy putting fires out all over the place. It's not hard to guess who handed them the means to put them out either. Every article, opinion piece and video discussion about yesterday's events has come not from the hacks currently employed there, but from that master of PR Jim Traynor. Scott Brown has been blamed for the incident, Celtic have been attacked for using the appeals system and now they have rolled out ex Celt Johan Mjallby to kindly inform the rest of us - "there is no Celtic conspiracy."

Yes the article actually has the phrase in the headline. Funnily enough a quick read through shows that at no point did the big Swede even mention the word "conspiracy." It's pretty obvious what the Record's game is here. Using the C word immediately cheapens our case and conjures up images of paranoid Celtic fans, dwelling in basements desperately trying to prove some vast plan against them. Hey, it's a tactic that can work apparently. How often were we mocked in the 90's and 00's before eventually realizing that we weren't paranoid enough?

Johan Mjallby played down the referee's mistakes, pointing out that you see them happen in football the world over. That argument doesn't ring true when you consider the sheer amounts of these decisions going against Celtic. Johan was part of the management team when the notorious Dougie Gate incident occurred and the big man really ought to know better than handing anti-Celtic papers like the Record a stick to beat the fans with. You know what though? I am thoroughly sick of these ex Celtic types coming out and telling these rags what they want to hear! It's always the same guys - Andy Walker, Craig Burley, Charlie Nicholas etc etc. Well how about the media change the channel and start interviewing ex Celts who DO think their is an agenda against Celtic?

They must be out there surely? No one can tell me there are not hundreds of ex Celtic players and coaches who are firm believers of that fact. Days like today really disgust me! When all the sympathy should be on Celtic, all we get is a media hell-bent on somehow making this whole thing our fault! As if Celtic are to blame for the corruption at the very heart of the refereeing brotherhood! As if the fans are all nutcases for believing what we can see with our own eyes. What does it take for a cheat to be called out in this country? It stinks to high heaven and I for one am sick to the back teeth of their excuses and bull***

Celtic should be taking firm action against them immediately because if they don't things are going to get a whole lot worse. Next Sunday we take on Sevco for the right to play in the Scottish Cup Final. We should be sending a message that cheats will not be tolerated. Nor will they prosper.

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  1. Couldn't agree more but I've seen it happen for over40 years and Celtic have never stood up and said enough is enough.

  2. Scotland 1690....sorry 2017....shameful.