Saturday, 4 March 2017

Scottish Football's Image Has Been Damaged By Jealousy Of Glasgow Celtic

How many of us regard Scottish football as a barren wasteland of zero talent, two bob clubs and a hindrance to leagues like the EPL who supposedly bring us top quality football? I only ask because lately there seems to be more and more people subscribing to that theory and unfortunately for our game it is being perpetuated by those who should know better, Don't get me wrong, running down Scottish football is nothing new but since the arrival of new Rangers into the Premier League there seems to be an orchestrated effort to ramp up the negativity. It's not hard to work out why. The aforementioned agenda actually has hee haw to do with Scottish football and everything do with a rampant Celtic tearing every team in Scotland a new one on their way to another title. Put simply there are those who do not like it and are miffed at the fact that a certain club is not "back where we belong" As we comprehend this line of thinking it is worth remembering these wise words.

"jealousy is an ugly emotion but it tells the truth, you mostly envy those who have what you desire"

Jealousy of Celtic Football Club - because that's what it is - is the root cause of everything we are seeing and hearing about the state our game is in. Talksport host Jason Cundy is the latest in a long line to slate the quality of Scottish football and his claims have provoked an extremely hostile reaction from Celtic fans and the Celtic manager himself/ Wonder why idiots like him are saying the things they are? Look no further than our own media's willingness to show the studs whenever they need to soothe their own hurt that the establishment club isn't the one battering all opposition aside and ready to rack up 6 titles on the spin. Idiots like Cundy smell blood and know there are plenty up here willing to back him on his ignorance.

Celtic being in a position of strength is NOT how things are supposed to be in this country. How dare those from the East assume the position of power while the club whose own fans invented the slogan "We are the people" languish so far behind? To cretins like Cundy and some in our media it is simply unacceptable. So what do they do? They try to diminish our achievements, make out every win we get is expected and compare our league to one south of the border that long ago became enslaved by Sky and sold it's soul to any rich Arab who flashed a wad of cash at them. We know why they do what they do? Jealousy is eating them alive and their own sense of entitlement won't ever allow them to even hint at the slightest bit of acknowledgement that maybe, just maybe we earned our success by doing everything by the book. Unlike some teams we could mention.

Jealousy DOES tell the truth because if the roles were reversed and it was sevco Rangers who were in our position then you could practically guarantee that all would be rosy in the garden of Scottish football once again. It is beyond belief that some who should know better are willing to use our game's reputation as collateral damage just to have a dig at a well run Celtic and everything that they achieved through their own hard graft. Should we be surprised? Hell no! Not when the same people are openly calling for a return to the days when Rangers could outspend all their rivals with other people's money and blow all the competition out of the water. Imagine living in a world where everything is topsy turvy and good and bad are flipped to mean the opposites of each other. Welcome to Scottish Football folks. It truly is beyond belief.

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