Saturday, 11 March 2017

Celtic & Death of a Zombie Club

Everyone knows the only way to kill a zombie is with a head-shot. What many people don't know is that it's a little more difficult to kill a zombie club. While Rangers shuffled off this mortal coil in 2012 they have been replaced by Sevco - who can only be described as a rotting mess that just doesn't want to die. There have been many predictions that sevco are about to meet their maker. Unfortunately we are yet to be treated to such a glorious day and as the clock ticks down to another clash between us and THEM, we should probably be thankful that is the case.

Think about it. How else are they going to face justice? A pumping from Celtic is about the only justice these b******* will ever see. Don't forget, original Rangers were a club who had no qualms about cheating. In fact they illegally operated a tax avoidance scheme since 1989, a crime dubbed second only to match fixing. When they eventually died we knew there was going to be a replacement club. Let's face it, the authorities would NEVER have allowed a version of that mob to not exist and there is some truth in the comment from Stewart Regan about social unrest - if you replace the word "social" with the word "street" and the word "unrest" with "battle" of course. Who could have predicted that the zombie club and it's mutant fans would actually be more toxic than the first. Seriously read some of their fan statements.... Even their official supporters groups are complete lunatics. This is a club who are dragging Scottish football into the gutter at an alarming rate.

Some fans argue that because of the newco's rule breaking, threats and intimidation they should be banished from Scottish football forever. Forget it! That's not going to happen and we all know there is nothing that will make the leaders of our game suddenly grow a set of balls and do the right thing. Maybe it is better to see death by a thousand cuts where sevco is concerned. Watch them slowly become even more of an irrelevance than they already are and take a pumping off the mighty Celtic whenever the two sides clash. Isn't that the best punishment for them and their fans in the absence of a real one?

Tomorrow when Celtic go into battle with sevco we should remember that a shot to the head might not be enough to kill a zombie club.... but eight shots bursting the net might go a long way to killing their sense of entitlement. Come on Celtic. Hammer these jokers!



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