Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Incompetent SFA Are A Bad Joke!.... Something Must Be Done!

Their going to do it aren't they? Not content with running our game into the ground, the complete and utter bumbling buffoons at the SFA are all set to appoint Malky Mackay as the SFA Sporting Director. Seriously have this cabal of crooked jokers no shame? In case they have forgotten this is the very same Malky Mackay who is a racist? You heard it right, the man is a racist pure and simple! This decision by the so called leaders of our game makes them seem so out of touch they probably all gather to watch old episodes of "Love Thy Neighbour" when on their lunch break. Assuming of course that they do any work at all!

Decent fans of all clubs are absolutely sick of this mob and at some point you have to wonder just what it's going to take for Hampden to be cleared out. Honestly this is the same SFA who, when Rangers went bust in 2012 began a campaign to actually destabilize our game even more than it already was. Remember the vote to allow newco entry into the Scottish leagues? Well Neil Doncaster and Stewart Regan were actively putting plans together which would see a newco start in the top division! When that didn't work they tried the division below and only the intervention of the member clubs prevented the biggest set up scandal in Scottish football history. There is evidence of these two clowns putting pressure on clubs to accept their stance on Newco or face financial oblivion. They are so corrupt it would make the mafia tell them to straighten up.

Amazingly none of the media have been shouting from the rooftops over this travesty of an appointment and it begs the question why? If Hearts appointing a manager like Ian Cathro can make them howl at the moon then why not this? Of course we know the answer and those who thought the SFA negotiating a deal with Ladbrokes to sponsor our game was hypocritical will be in for a shock when the racist does take this job! When this goes wrong it will explode in the face of the SFA and our game in general. How long before the guns of Jabba and his Level 5 puppets are turned on our game's leaders? We know they work for Sevco and sure it's all fine and dandy now but this will be used as leverage in the future when they feel the SFA are short changing them. Before we know what is happening, negative stories aplenty will be getting fired out, attacking the SFA and Scottish football. We know first hand the devastation that is done to our game whenever Jabba and his cohorts decide to use it as collateral damage. In short the media will bide their time until they can use this to benefit Sevco. This latest plan of appointing a man such as Mackay surprises no one.

Predictably we have had our fair share of Malky supporters over the past few days and everyone from Mark Warburton to the man who sells the scarves outside Tynecastle has given their opinion. Even Brendan Rodgers has commented on the situation. Let's be clear that I couldn't care less who gives their support to this cretin because at the end of the day there is nothing that can excuse what he did! Even if an anti-racism supporters group insist he deserves a second chance it won't make a difference to my views! Wait... they did? Well more fool them because at the end of the day someone making the comments Malky did has NO excuse! People are even claiming that he "made a mistake and deserves a second chance" What guff! Your either a racist or your not and someone who isn't would never dream of making the comments he did.

At the end of the day our game is being run by clowns you wouldn't trust to run a bath and this appointment is just an extension of that fact. Literally the best thing for Scottish football would be the removal of those inside Hampden but it may already be far too late to scrub the stench off our game that those in power have caused. Let's hope common sense prevails and Malky Mackay ends up nowhere near a role in the SFA... I won't be holding my breath though, will you?

Hail Hail

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  1. You must be the most 100% nicest guy in the world.youve never made a racist comment ever in your whole life? genuinely get a life and stop looking for any reason to attack

  2. 'We fans'?
    And you represent who exactly?
    Are you the 'people'?
    Dearie me.
    Man makes mildly racist statement in private. Man deserves to be punished for the rest of his life.
    I trust 'thecelticsite' isn't authorised or endorsed by CFC or indeed 'we fans',perhaps you should make this clear.